KUKRI Shop open for P.E. kit

The Kukri Shop is now open for the ordering of P.E. kit. On resumption of school next term, pupils will be taking part in P.E. as timetabled all within the confines of the COVID-19 regulations. We await further guidance from both the Department of Education and the relevant sporting bodies  in relation to the type of activities and levels of training we can safely run. In addition we will be informed about best practice in the use of changing facilities, procedures for maintaining safe distancing and the regular cleaning and sanitising of equipment. It will be probable that on days when your son or daughter is timetabled for P.E. they will wear their kit to school with most importantly their track suit top and bottoms. Further clarification of this to follow.

The On-Line shop will remain open until 11PM on the Thursday 25th June and can be accessed by clicking the Kukri shop picture below on the right hand side.

RJ Gregg

Head of P.E.