Geography at KS3

Year 8

  • Have you ever wondered why your town grew where it is? Why Belfast and not Ballymoney is our Capital city? Why are the buildings so tall in the city centre? How can we make our homes more sustainable? What do you think our houses may be like in the future?

    This topic will help you understand how settlements grow and change over time.

  • Did you know that Iceland is getting bigger? Will the landscape outside your window stay the same forever or is it changing before your very eyes? How do rivers change our landscape? Would you know what to do in a flood?

    This topic examines how our landscape is constantly changing, even if we don’t realise it!

  • Did you know that in Liverpool alone around 4400 jobs depend on the football industry? A top quality leather football may cost £60 in the shops in the UK, but the person who made it in Pakistan only got paid £0.50. Do you think this is fair?

    This topic looks at the less glamorous side of football and you may be surprised by what you learn.

  • Throughout Year 8 you will be developing your mapskills along the way. You will be able to use grid reference, recognise map symbols, use direction, work out scale and measure distance. We use lots of maps in Year 8 Geography, including maps of the local area. You might even spot your own house!

  • Ever wondered what it would be like to journey to the centre of the Earth? Will we ever experience an earthquake in Northern Ireland? Have you ever wondered why South America and Africa fit together like a jigsaw? Why do people continue to live in earthquake zones?

    This topic helps you to understand how and why earthquakes and volcanoes happen.

Year 9

  • Are you into CSI? Did you know that the police use geography to fight crime? Do you think you could outwit the criminals and design the ultimate safe street? Get into the mind of a burglar and work out where they will strike next.

    This topic shows you how maps can be used to record crime and identify vulnerable areas.

  • Do you know your cumulonimbus from your cirrus? Why does it seem to rain all of the summer holidays? What does the saying “red sky at night, shepherd’s delight” really mean? Could you present the weather forecast, just like the professionals?

    In this topic you will find investigate our local weather and learn how weather forecasters make their predictions.

  • Do you take our lovely coast line for granted? Ever wondered where your washed away flip flops may end up? This unit will help you understand how and why the coastline changes and the need for careful management.

  • Have you ever thanked a green plant? Where would we be without them? This unit will help you to understand the importance of plants and you will be able you to explore the different environments around the world. Could you design an animal to live in desert?

  • You are just one person out of 6 billion living on the Earth. Have you ever wondered about what life will be like in the future? How will we get enough food and energy to maintain a growing population? This unit will let you investigate the issues around the growing demand on the World’s resources.

Year 10

  • Where are do all the billionaires live? Why are there so few in Africa? Do you ever want to find out more about peoples lives around the World? Do you want the opportunity to investigate further the projects that you see on programmes like red nose day?

    This unit will challenge your ideas about the inequality in our world and enable you to see what can be done to try and make the World a fairer place.

  • Ever wondered the point of school, or more importantly Geography? This unit will answer these questions and help you to identify the skills that you have been developing in Dalriada and realise how you can put them to use in your future career. You will be amazed at the amount of careers that need good geographical and transferable skills. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Which employment sector will you be in? This unit will help you answer these questions and many more you may have.

  • Do you ever dream of having special powers? You will be given a mission to save the planet; will you have the power to protect the Earth? This unit gives you the opportunity to take on the roles of different groups and to debate how special areas should be used sustainably. Are you ready to fight for your beliefs?

  • Ever wondered how you would live without the internet? You may find it hard to believe but life has changed massively in the last decade. It’s hard to believe that before you could only buy strawberries in summer! A holiday in Africa was usually a wild dream. Globalisation will help you to understand why life in the 21st century is so different.

  • All those afternoons you sit in coffee shops in Ballymoney, do you ever think about where the coffee is from or about the lives of the people who grow it? This unit enables you to see how globalisation affects people in different ways and to evaluate the choices that you can make.